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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Mac OS Mojave Dark Mode - Set Mail Background to White

This is an example bad-looking email.
I don't entirely hate the Mac OS Mojave Dark Mode.  It's kind of a cool, different view of our real estate.  I don't know that it was entirely worth the download, but at least my Mac isn't bothering me every day to upgrade.

Anyway, one problem I had was that email backgrounds were all dark.  This made reading emails super-tough when I got replies in dark text.  Emails never quite look right.  Well, there is a fix for it!

To return your Mac Mail emails to defaulting to white, follow these steps:
  1. First be in Dark Mode (Apple -> System Preferences -> General.  Set Appearance: Dark)
  2. Next, open Mac Mail and go to Mail preferences.  Mail -> Preferences
  3. Select the Viewing icon
  4. Un-check the Use dark backgrounds for messages

Have an awesome, productive day!