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Wednesday, September 13, 2017


This is a common error with setting up Web Deploy.  What happens is you install Web Deploy from Microsoft's online link, check that it's a running service, then find it only yields a ERROR_DESTINATION_NOT_REACHABLE error.

Of course, you troubleshoot pinging the remote site.  That's fine.  Then you try telnet to see if the port is available.  It turns out it isn't.  A search of the web yields this (with it's good, but not obvious, clue):


Diagnosis: Web Management Service or Remote Agent is not installed or unreachable on the remote computer.
Resolution: Verify that Remote Agent Service or Web Management Service are started on the remote computer, depending on which one you are connecting to. You can do a "net start wmsvc & net start msdepsvc" on the remote computer to ensure these services are started. Also, ensure that a firewall is not interrupting communications with the destination.

The problem is that Web Deploy installs itself, but it doesn't install the Web Management Service.  It also doesn't warn you that it's not available.

So, to install WMS, go to Server => Roles,  then Web Server (IIS) => Management Tools => Managment Service.  Install it...

And Voila!  Your all set!