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Friday, September 15, 2017


Have you ever needed to see the raw POSTS coming into your IIS-hosted web site, but don't want to change code to write it to a file?  Well, there is an easy way:

  • Bring up IIS Manager
  • Find the Site you want to log, and click on it
  • Click the IIS icon, "Failed Request Tracing Rules".  Even though it says failed requests, it also will do successful requests.

  • Select "Add..." in the right menu
  • Select "All Content (*)" and "Next"

  • Then put "200" in the "Status Codes" box.  You could add a range to get all requests: "200-999"

  • Then press "Next",  "Finish"

A new folder under your default logs root will be built called "FailedReqLogFiles".   You will see it get filled with XML files that exhaustively log every aspect of all posts.

Remember - Don't leave it on long or it will blast your storage with tens of thousands of files.